Is your child scared of the water?

Have you tried swim lessons before but no real progress was made?

Does your child want to try out for swim team and need some private coaching?

Do you have multiple children of various ages and ability levels who need convenient lesson times?

Are you a fully functioning, contributing-to-society adult who just never learned to swim (or is really, really scared)?

Let me help!

I encourage children to be safe and independent in the water while always stressing the importance of being water-wise.

For beginning swimmers, earning a child’s trust is key to success, and I work hard to develop their confidence.  Individual attention, personal connection, and lesson consistency help skills and confidence build quickly.  I want each of my swimmers to leave the pool knowing that I believe in them and their ability to succeed.

For more advanced swimmers, one-on-one instruction provides the opportunity for direct, specific feedback.  With plenty of encouraging motivation, too, thoughtful critiques of swim strokes can lead to changes that allow swimming to become efficient and easy.

Adult beginners feel safe and welcome in my private, backyard pool.  We’ll work at just the right pace for you, building new skills and gaining water confidence.  It’s never to late to learn a life skill!

Lesson Format

Five day sessions are consecutive days, usually Monday-Friday

One-on-one: 20 minutes per day for 5 days, $150

Registration for Summer 2017 will begin in early March 2017.


Please note that due to my summer schedule, I will be teaching only mid-April through May and then July 24-end of August.

I jumped off the diving board at my Oma and Opa’s pool for the first time!  And then I swam to the side all by myself.  I did it over and over and over, and I loved it!  Thank you for teaching me how to swim!

Lily G.

Age 4 1/2, as dictated to her mom