Virtual Training



Not in Austin? We can still work together!

Balance Personal Fitness Training offers personal training via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Like all Balance clients, virtual training begins with a consultation to:

  • review your health history
  • conduct a basic fitness assessment
  • understand your fitness likes and dislikes
  • discuss your goals

All virtual training clients receive a weekly workout calendar and email support between sessions.  Virtual training clients are also encouraged to track their workouts and nutrition via a free app, which both the client and trainer can review.

Virtual training, however, differs from traditional in-person training in a few key ways:

  • Virtual training is best suited for individuals with good body awareness.  You should be able to hear a cue to change a posture or body mechanic and be able to do it without my physical manipulation.
  • Sessions can be either 30-minutes or 60-minutes.  Because there is no travel time involved, I can offer shorter sessions that accommodate even the busiest schedules.
  • Clients book a series of sessions in order to provide the consistency necessary for training results.


$115 for a 45-minute consultation and one 60-minute training session

$90 for a 45-minute consultation and one 30-minute training session


After the initial consultation and initial session, virtual training rates are as follows:

$200 Four weekly 60-minute training sessions

$115 Four weekly 30-minute training sessions


Please contact Balance for more information or to begin your virtual training today!