If you are pregnant, Balance ensures a fitness plan that is safe and effective for your changing body. Appropriate modifications will be made throughout your pregnancy so that you may continue to enjoy the proven benefits of exercise for both mother and baby.  Workouts are adapted for each stage of your pregnancy, your changing energy level, and the constraints of your reality.

Postnatal clients will work toward short- and long-term fitness goals and learn tips for keeping yourself functionally fit after delivery, as well as while breastfeeding and coping with the demands of your baby.  Women with diastasis recti or loss of integrity of the pelvic floor can regain greater muscular coordination that will improve your body’s fitness and serve your well-being long into the future.

Work with an expert!

With certifications as a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and a Prenatal Kriya Yoga Instructor, you are in good hands with Balance!

Please contact Balance to schedule your consultation and begin your wellness journey.