Are you 40+ and feeling like your body isn’t the body you’ve known your whole life?

As a “Third-Age Woman,” you might be wondering how you can:

  • burn fat efficiently
  • exercise for functional fitness
  • balance hormones
  • eat healthfully and with satisfaction
  • maintain bone density
  • improve sleep
  • ask your doctor the right questions
  • create a lifestyle that supports your wellness

As a certified specialist wellness coach for perimenopausal and beyond women, Balance Personal Fitness Training can help!

Our Peri-Menopause POWER program offers a consultation to assess your baseline health and wellness followed by nine sessions of wellness education covering the above topics and a peri-menopause power fitness workout.

In-Person Peri-Menopause POWER (Consultation + 9 in-person one-hour sessions) :  $700

Virtual Peri-Meopause POWER (Consultation + 9 virtual/phone one-hour sessions): $600

Virtual Peri-Menopause PUMP UP (Consultation + 9 virtual/phone 30-minute sessions): $350

Contact Karen to begin your Third Age Wellness Journey today!