Balance Personal Fitness Training has a variety of fitness programs designed for busy women.  Whether you are looking for in-person customized training, virtual workouts, or at home/on your own wellness plans, all of our offerings are based in reality.  When fitness becomes part of your lifestyle, you eliminate the struggles of fitting in exercise (or feeling like a failure because you don’t!).

Let me give you permission to turn the focus on yourself and see how much your body can already do.  By becoming body wise, you can be proud of the body you have now — and as you work to make it serve you even better.

Let’s invite BALANCE into your life!

Personal Training is a series of customized, one-on-one workouts for goal-oriented women.

On the surface, it’s about losing weight, toning up, or getting fit.

But really? It’s about learning how strong your body is and all they ways you can challenge yourself.  And about how breaking through physical barriers inspires a confidence that floods into all aspects of your life.


Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness is the opportunity for pregnant or newly postnatal women to exercise under the guidance of a specially-trained expert.

On the surface, it’s about staying fit and healthy during a time when your body is undergoing a lot of changes.

But really? It’s about reminding Mom that her health is critical to the vitality of the family.  If she takes care of herself, she can better care for others.

Perimenopausal Wellness is a mix of education and practical exercises for women experiencing the effects of menopause.

On the surface, it’s about hormones and learning to deal with a body that seems in revolt.

But really? It’s a way to learn strategies for eating, exercising, and rejuvenating that will allow you to thrive despite the challenges of menopause.

Swimming Lessons are guided, developmentally-appropriate practice for kids (and adults!) who need to be water-safe or want to improve their swimming skills.

On the surface, it’s about helping people swim safely and efficiently.

But really? It’s about empowering people to conquer their fears, take a deep breath, and dive in.

Aqua Yoga is a class for anyone who wants to take yoga off the mat and into the warm, salty water.  Aqua yoga is open to people of all ages and fitness levels.

On the surface, it’s about stretching and breathing.

But really? It’s about finding out how fantastic you can feel in your body, just as it is right now.

I feel so good and confident about my stronger body.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Melissa B.